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The mean of Enogastronomic

Italy, has a huge background in terms of food and wine culture that’s the why I am inspired to choose  this subject, not only because I am proud to be Italian but also because to study tourism helps me to see my Nation in a different point of view, with managerial issue. In the last session I introduced the term “Enogastronomic”, that is simply food and wine tourism. I think that in a standardized world, where the society today live, people want to escape from the daily routine and from the same products that “economic giant” want to sell us.
In recent years, this kind of tourism is becoming a real fashion because of tasting food-and-wine  it represents an important part of the total tourism experience.
The quality (Grönroos, 2009) of the products is very important, because food and wine travellers are usually lovers and they understand the best quality.
So at this point we need to ask something: How firms could offer quality and a unforgettable experience?
The first answer is Slow Food Presidia, that is a relationship between the small producers and chefs and they guarantee the best quality of the products when tourists go in a restaurant ( acceded 22/11/2010).
The second one is that some firms understand the tourist needs and the expectations they want to learn the local culture, so they open “their doors” to show them how they produce the products. That’s the case of  Winery Tour in Tuscany (, acceded 22/11/2010) where they can  follow  all the phases of wine production and at the end of the tour also taste the wine with local food.
So in a world where multinationals dictate the game rules, they still exist small producers and small firms in Italy that want to offer their guests an irreplaceable product. It is clear that nowadays enogastonomic tourism requires specialized skills and ability, based on a management planning. The combination between the quality of resources, the best food and wine and managerial issues is a source of sustainable advantage for Italy tourism.
It is important to remind that Enogastronomic tourists want not only to find the best quality, typical and guaranteed, but also to taste typical dishes, to meet the producer  and to be treated with courtesy everywhere (Viganò,2003).

Grönroos C. 2009 “Service logic and service productivity” Oslo 24th july 2009 (14th biennial world marketing congress).
Viganò G. (2003), Enogastronomy: a path towards the discovery of the local culture, M.E.T, Univerità Bocconi, Milano.

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